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Commissioned Art for Your Home or Business

Become part of the artistic process and experience the rewarding journey towards a unique piece of art. Art fit-for-purpose and with a great personal story to share with friends, relatives or business partners.

Commissioned Art by Studio Stach

“Art is the unique expression of emotion, identity, and rich stories.” – Monika Stach

Commission your artwork

You’ll know it when you see it – the work of art that you love.

The unique painting that will inspire you every time you walk into the room. The art piece that will tell your clients exactly what you stand for from the moment they come into your office.

But where do you find it? You’ve scoured galleries and looked online. You’ve seen so many beautiful things. But they all miss something. They miss your emotion, your purpose. They miss your unique story.

Stop looking out there. Tell us your story. Tell us the purpose your painting needs to fulfill and we will make it happen. We will create a piece of art that is uniquely you. That tells your story in a way that stands out.

We recently did just that for Würth.

Commissioned art by Monika Stach

Resilience (2022)

Commissioned by Würth Belux

Artist: Monika Stach
Location: Turnhout, Belgium
Image: Bart de Deken

Würth Belux

This multinational company, specialised in mounting and fastening materials, was rising steadily after a deep crisis. They commissioned a painting with Studio Stach to radiate that resilience (Article Press)Our painting now has a prime position in their conference room, bringing their message in physical and online meetings with colleagues and external participants.

We’d love to partner on a similar project with you!

“We had one concrete assignment for Monika: To outline the past and future of our company in 1 artwork. The creativity immediately appealed to us. We are therefore delighted that we have been able to give this work of art a permanent place in one of our meeting rooms.”

Serge Vranken

CEO Würth Belux NV/SA

Studio Stach: where you and art meet

Commissioned art by Studio Stach

At Studio Stach we believe in the power of co-creation, involving both owner, architect, designer, brand owner or artist alike.

The result can be an authentic artwork that fits in the color schemes of your interior design, a piece of art that reinforces your brand identity, a painting with a specific message, that may include or not subtle details referring to you or your project.

Are you looking for a WOW effect in your interior? Do you want your clients to feel right at home when they come into your office? Do you want a painting that inspires you when you sit down for your coffee first thing in the morning? Do you want to capture the memory of a loved one?

No matter what emotion you want to bring to the room, what story you want to tell, we are passionate about bringing it to life in art. What can be more authentic than a painting made for you and you alone, based on a deep understanding of what you want?


At Studio Stach, we thrive on the challenge of visualising your story in the art you commission. We get inspired by our clients!

We use our craftmanship and artistic vision, our feel for colour and composition, to create your unique expression of identity or brand. But not only that. We believe commissioning art means engaging in a partnership – one that brings together your vision with our talents.

Together, we create something more, something unique. A painting that is uniquely yours.

Commissioned art is within your reach

Picasso did. Rubens too. Not to mention Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. They created art on commission – art that told the story of their patrons and to this day inspires us all.

The only difference is that today, this kind of beautiful expression in art is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Oh, and that we’re not Rubens or Picasso. But we are passionate and well-versed in the artistic and technical ways to bring your vision to life.

Commissioned art

What Studio Stach can do for you

  • A free consultation to discuss your project
  • Our support in choosing the type of art that works for you – paintings, drawings, or digital artworks
  • A digital pre-design of your artwork, so you know exactly what to expect
  • Close collaboration on the design of your commissioned art until we get to a painting, drawing or digital artwork you love
  • Advice on the size, medium, materials, colours and composition best fit to your needs and budget
  • Advice on the framework
  • Advice on the placement of your art within the interior it’s meant for
  • A 3D-visualization of your chosen design in the space it is meant for
  • The delivery of your unique work of art

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Look no longer to find the perfect match among the thousands of paintings in the hundreds of galleries. We will make that unique, personalized, authentic work of art, while sharing the inside knowledge of the artistic design process behind.

Provide us with a brief description of what you’re looking for – if you already know – and schedule a first consultation. Explore the options, free of charge and without upfront commitment. If our conversation sparks inspiration, we’d be delighted to work with you.